Merchant Checkout

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XL Tunai is a stored-value wallet provided by XL Axiata. A fully fledged mobile money account, it has over 1 million users with 200,000 active in 2015. 

Having long partnered with XL on topup services the XL Tunai and Fusion teams got together to revamp their problematic online checkout experience. Using Fusion's merchant checkout as the base platform, the new system launched in early 2016 and has already been adopted by major eComm retailers such as &

Reimagining Checkout

 Original checkout process

Original checkout process

The previous user experience was an asynchronous offline process that included a handover from the merchant's site, the user opening their mobile phone, then dialing a USSD code with payment authentication after input of various identifying PINs & account numbers.

While driven by valid security concerns, this flow led to high cart abandonment. The teams worked in tandem during integration to reduce the overhead on the user during payment while maintaining overall system security.

The result was an incredibly simplified flow, during which the customer would be redirected from the merchant site to a simple payment confirmation page where they only need enter their Phone Number & 6 Digit PIN to authenticate.

 Fusion Merchant Checkout integration

Fusion Merchant Checkout integration


API & Merchant On-boarding

XL Tunai caters to a wide variety of merchant types, from large established eComm Marketplaces to small single-developer mobile applications. Fusion's merchant on-boarding platform & support both use cases.

  • A simple, clear and functional suite of payment APIs supports web checkout & in-app purchases;
  • Detailed documentation is provided, in addition to technical support for larger merchants, as well as a full test bed