Prepaid Top-up & Virtual Goods

BerUang lets Indonesian credit & debit card holders quickly pay bills and top up their phones (isi pulsa) on line.  BerUang offers the safest, easiest and most user-friendly way to buy virtual goods in a market full of poor offline and bank-based payment alternatives.

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Funding Sources

BerUang is dedicated to a better customer experience.  So we focus on credit and debit card purchases, storing users credentials in our PCI-compliant vault so customers can buy what they want after seeing no more than two or three screens.

Bespoke UX Requirements

Many BerUang users are initially unfamiliar with online card payments and indeed digital purchases. In order to reduce confusion and purchase-abandonment a greatly simplified purchase flow was implemented. This includes a minimalist card entry form which reduced form fields to 4 from the 10 or more typical through local payment gateways.

Using card-on-file we we allowed registered customers to completely skip card entry - authenticating with only a 6 digit PIN while maintaining the same security as a One-Time Password (OTP)  sent to the mobile phone.

Switching & Product Routing

Paying for virtual goods in Indonesia is complex and volatile.  Billers are connected to customers through a dense network of unreliable switches.  Fusion automates failover and retries (which the customer doesn’t see) and monitors transactions so customers having trouble with a payment can get help in real time.  This is all part of effectively managing a payment service.

The BerUang team onboard & configure switches & merchants using Fusion's web-tools and work with our operations team to ensure that despite the complexity on the backend the system for users is always reliable and delivery of goods transparent.


We faced it from the beginning.  Airtime is a fungible good loved by fraudsters in a market where customers and SIM cards remain anonymous.  Fraud is rampant.  BerUang uses 3D secure technology (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) and a custom realtime risk management engine to validate customers and absolutely minimise risk.